List of References

The following table shows a list of resources that have been used and referenced throughout the project elaboration and documentation.


[Bayer04] Thomas Bayer, Thilo Frotscher, Marc Teufel, Dapeng Wang: Die Achse des Guten & Achsen-Macht, Javamagazin, 07/2004
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[Axis]Apache WebServices - Axis Project
[Ant]Apache Ant Project
[Ant]bexee - BPEL Execution Engine
[BFH]Berne University of Applied Sciences
[BPEL]Business Process Execution Language Specification
[BPMI]Business Process Management Initiative
[BPML]Business Process Modeling Language
[TomcatPlugin]codeczar Maven Tomcat Plugin
[Digester]Jakarta Commons Digester Project
[Discovery]Jakarta Commons Discovery Project
[HTI]School of Engineering and Information Technology
[J2EEPatterns]Core J2EE Patterns
[J2EEPatterns]Core J2EE Patterns
[OIO] Orientation in Objects - Apache Axis: Architektur und Erweiterbarkeit
[OsmoticWeb] OsmoticWeb - Axis WSDD Reference
[PuTTY] PuTTY - A Free Telnet/SSH Client
[PuTTYManual] PuTTY - User Manual
[Tomcat]Jakarta Tomcat Project
[WSFL]Web Service Flow Language
[XLANG]Web Services for Business Process Design